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(In reply to Creak from comment #8)
> (In reply to Rob Clark from comment #7)
> > hmm, [1] looks like an older iteration of drm-shim.. have a look at:
> > 
> >   ./src/freedreno/drm-shim
> >   ./src/broadcom/drm-shim
> > 
> > in the mesa src tree.  They are an $LD_PRELOAD'd thing to spoof enough of
> > the kernel uabi to "run" the driver.  Ie. you can't actually do drawing, but
> > it is enough to run shader-db.  And so I think it should be pretty much
> > enough to run glxinfo.
> Thanks! Are broadcom and freedreno the only two drivers having drm-shim?
> Because in order to generate entirely features.txt, I guess all the drivers
> should have it, right?

currently yes

perhaps could pull data from a different sources for drivers
that run glxinfo in CI?

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