I just wanted to make you all aware that I've published our design
and specification documents for our mixnet project:


Our design is based off of the Loopix anonymity system [LOOPIX].
   [LOOPIX]    Piotrowska, A., Hayes, J., Elahi, T., Meiser, S.,
               and Danezis, G., “The Loopix Anonymity System”,
               USENIX, August, 2017

Firstly, we wrote specifications:

But that's a lot of reading and goes into fairly high detail suitable
as implementation guidelines. When I was at PETS2017 I repeatedly explained our
mixnet messaging system to people and I now realize we need a shorter document
to serve this purpose of introduction. Here's a rough draft design document
which can hopefully serve as an introduction:


Here's a rough draft user interface design doc:


If you hate the name Katzenpost, I totally do not care at all. We can
change the name later. In conclusion, let's talk about mixnets. We can
talk mixnets here and/or on our mixnet mailing list:


If you hate mixnets then you are probably just grumpy and should go
for a walk and breath some fresh air.


David Stainton

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