On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 6:13 AM, Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua....@nxp.com> wrote:
>> +MACHINE_SOCARCH_FILTER_append_qoriq = " cryptodev-qoriq-linux
>> cryptodev-qoriq-module cryptodev-qoriq-test openssl-qoriq"
> [Zhenhua Luo] I don't understand why the MACHINE_SOCARCH definition is needed 
> for those packages, can you please elaborate?

Because it needs to use a different provider for QorIQ machine and as
consequence the packages depending on those also need to be split out.

Without this, following error happens:

ERROR: openssl-qoriq-1.0.2h-r0 do_package_write_rpm: If the above
message is too much, the simpler version is you're advised to wipe out
tmp and rebuild (reusing sstate is fine). That will likely fix things
in most (but not all) cases.
ERROR: openssl-qoriq-1.0.2h-r0 do_package_write_rpm: Function failed:
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in:
recipe openssl-qoriq-1.0.2h-r0: task do_package_write_rpm: Failed
ERROR: Task 
failed with exit code '1'

>> +INHERIT += "fsl-dynamic-packagearch"
> [Zhenhua Luo] According to the following code in 
> fsl-dynamic-packagearch.bbclass, the MACHINE_SOCARCH of qoriq-ppc targets 
> will be set to SOCARCH of ARM? This seems to be problematic.
>         ARM_EXTRA_SOCARCH = 
>         MACHINE_SOCARCH = "${@bb.utils.contains('ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET', 
> 'thumb', '${THUMB_EXTRA_SOCARCH}', '${ARM_EXTRA_SOCARCH}', d)}"

Good catch, I did not catch this  as all test cases I had were
ARM-based. I will work on a fix for it.

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