Hi Thomas,

Currently we are running USB but will later on go for UART. For USB we have it 
fully working as you on a desktop with Ubuntu. Now we have focused on the NXP 
platform and we have it available via USB CDC in Linux. Next step is to make it 
available in the application layer and we use Yocto.


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Subject: RE: Cellular modem support for IMX7 Linux distribution

Hi Johan,

I am looking into something similar for the LS1021 IOT and TWR systems.  If you 
have found any general Linux tools that might be useful I would be interested 
to hear about them (possibly by direct email if discussing such things is bit 
off topic for this email list).

I reached the same conclusion as you; that connecting the device over USB, PCIe 
and UART to with a socket that could be accesses via an application or command 
line should be possible.  Most Modems I was looking it used an AT command set.  
I am not aware of any widely availed AT command libraries, so if further 
research does not reveal any I will implement the handful of commands I need in 
my own application code.

I have got such a modem to work under desktop Linux as a USB device.  This 
seems build in to the standard Ubuntu desktop.  I can see a series of UARTs and 
a new Network point.  From there I have mounted the modem onto the USB port of 
a LS1021-TWR board and got the community build firmware to come up.  I just got 
back from holiday and cannot recall if I saw the new UARTs and a network device 
on the target.  Whether I get that working or not my next step will probably be 
to try getting things working with the modem connected via Mini PCI.

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Subject: [meta-freescale] Cellular modem support for IMX7 Linux distribution


I'm looking for any software support for a Cellular modem connected to IMX7 
platform using a Linux distribution. Anyone having any knowledge about what is 
already supported regarding API's and interfaces such as USB, PCIe and UART to 
connect an external modem with a socket that could be accesses via an 
application or command line. I guess that UART will be preferred and use of AT 

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