Hi Johan,

I am looking into something similar for the LS1021 IOT and TWR systems.  If you 
have found any general Linux tools that might be useful I would be interested 
to hear about them (possibly by direct email if discussing such things is bit 
off topic for this email list).

I reached the same conclusion as you; that connecting the device over USB, PCIe 
and UART to with a socket that could be accesses via an application or command 
line should be possible.  Most Modems I was looking it used an AT command set.  
I am not aware of any widely availed AT command libraries, so if further 
research does not reveal any I will implement the handful of commands I need in 
my own application code.

I have got such a modem to work under desktop Linux as a USB device.  This 
seems build in to the standard Ubuntu desktop.  I can see a series of UARTs and 
a new Network point.  From there I have mounted the modem onto the USB port of 
a LS1021-TWR board and got the community build firmware to come up.  I just got 
back from holiday and cannot recall if I saw the new UARTs and a network device 
on the target.  Whether I get that working or not my next step will probably be 
to try getting things working with the modem connected via Mini PCI.

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I'm looking for any software support for a Cellular modem connected to IMX7 
platform using a Linux distribution. Anyone having any knowledge about what is 
already supported regarding API's and interfaces such as USB, PCIe and UART to 
connect an external modem with a socket that could be accesses via an 
application or command line. I guess that UART will be preferred and use of AT 

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