On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 10:55 AM, Thomas A. F. Thorne MEng AUS MIET
<thomas.tho...@net2edge.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 1:06 PM, Thomas Thorne
>> <thomas.tho...@net2edge.com> wrote:
>>> I can generate pull requests on GitHub for future document patches if that 
>>> will make things easier. I will also try and follow up with the Exchange 
>>> administrators about correcting our strange configuration.
>> Yes, please ask your administrator, if it's going to take too long,
>> send the pull request with the changes.
> I have tried to set the from field for my git work area using:
> $ git config sendemail.from thomas.tho...@net2edge.com
> As a test I re-sent the
> 0001-Add-Freescale-LS1021A-Tower-System-to-machine-list.i.patch
> $ git send-email --to meta-freescale@yoctoproject.org --cc
> thomas.tho...@net2edge.com --cc otavio.salva...@ossystems.com.br
> ../0001-Add-Freescale-LS1021A-Tower-System-to-machine-list.i.patch
> I do not think this has improved things based on my syslog.  I can also
> still see the Return-Path: field in the header is set to the internal
> domain.  I will try again with the sendemail.envelopeSender also set,
> transmitting the
> 0001-Include-rootfs.tar.gz-Method-In-Build-and-boot-steps.patch.  If
> that does not work I will try setting the sendemail.smtpDomain and
> sending the 0001-Update-to-Krogoth.patch.  Hopefully we can see if any
> of them reach the list.
> I will work on the suggested alterations to the patches now. Then I can
> either re-submit the updated versions as attachments or use the
> git-send-email command if it is working.


> I will still discuss with my administrators the blocking emails from
> being sent externally with anything other than an @Net2Edge.com from:
> field.
> Regards, Tom
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