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On 03/08/2017 04:26 AM, Zhenhua Luo wrote:
Hi Bob,

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It's trying to add

+KERNEL=="mmcblk*rpmb", GOTO="persistent_storage_end"



So, is it better to update skip-rules-for-mmc-rpmb-partition.patch or just remove
eudev_%.bbappend from recipes-core/udev?
[Zhenhua Luo] my suggestion is to update skip-rules-for-mmc-rpmb-partition.patch, do you mind to send a patch?

Will do, but I'm going to try to understand the need for it first and why it doesn't apply to QoriQ ARM.

I think we should get rid of the eudev_%.bbappend file and related patch because it's no longer needed.

At one point eudev/systemd had a similar patch as what meta-freescale has, but it was replaced by commit d2313434 (rules: storage - replace blacklist with explicit whitelist)

$ git log -p d2313434

commit d2313434acc1cf5387637e72f76c2ebe36d523e1
Author: Kay Sievers <k...@vrfy.org>
Date:   Thu Mar 12 15:03:30 2015 +0100

    rules: storage - relace blacklist with explicit whitelist

    Newly added kernel drivers repeatedly pass our blacklist and
    cause trouble for the devices, because they do not expect to
    be examined by udev's default rules which include blkid.

    This turns the blacklist into a whitelist. Device type which
    need support for additional symlinks need to be added to the
    whitelist now.


--- a/rules/60-persistent-storage.rules
+++ b/rules/60-persistent-storage.rules
@@ -12,9 +12,7 @@ ACTION=="remove", GOTO="persistent_storage_end"
ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="module", KERNEL=="block", ATTR{parameters/events_dfl_poll_msecs}=="0", ATTR{parameters/events_dfl_poll_msecs}="2000"

 SUBSYSTEM!="block", GOTO="persistent_storage_end"
-# skip rules for inappropriate block devices
-KERNEL=="fd*|mtd*|nbd*|gnbd*|btibm*|dm-*|md*|zram*|mmcblk[0-9]*rpmb", GOTO="persistent_storage_end" +KERNEL!="loop*|mmcblk[0-9]|mspblk[0-9]|nvme*|sd*|sr*|vd*", GOTO="persistent_storage_end"


Also, I tested this morning a 4.51 eMMC card with RPMB on a LS1021A-TWR with a Yocto built image and no eudev patch. It behaved properly - udev ignored mmcblk0rpmb.

Zhenhua, if you agree, I'll submit a patch that removes eudev_%.bbappend and its patch.


Best Regards,


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