On older Yocto project for x86 based HW I have two images in one. Basically the 
normal image and second is backup system in case the normal system for whatever 
reason won't boot etc..Boot loader does the selection which image to start 

That project used hdddirect - image  so all the work was done for that.  Now I 
have iMX6 based HW and it uses sdcard - image and recipes and tasks are 
different I haven't been able to figure out how to do the similar thing on that.

So I have two, mostly, independent image recipes. One for normal and for backup 
system. The normal image recipe then adds the backup system image after main 
image and copies the kernel to the FAT partition along the normal image kernel. 
Basically just add one more partition to normal system image and add backup 
system rootfs there.

Problem now is that since the tasks etc.. are so different with sdcard - image 
compared to hdddirect that I haven't found a way (task to modify that is) how 
to add those partition etc.. tasks for adding the backup system.

Has anyone else done similar thing for sdcard - image and/or have any 
suggestion how to do that?

If someone knows if there is support in Yocto already that would be good to 
know. I'm using Yocto 2.1.

Also, if you think this should be on yocto - mailing list do tell. The sdcard - 
image creation is in meta-fsl-arm - layer so that's why I thought this mailing 
list would be better suited for it.



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