Thanks. I was able to create the normal image with WIC tool. What I wasn't able 
to do was find documentation that would describe how I'll add the second image 

So I tried to add new partition and give second image's rootfs as source but it 
seems that I cannot get the source directory right and it won't find the image.

Do you know good documentation for that tool or know how that thing could be 


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> Has anyone else done similar thing for sdcard – image and/or have any
> suggestion how to do that?

This fits better on the WIC tool use-case.

> If someone knows if there is support in Yocto already that would be
> good to know. I’m using Yocto 2.1.
> Also, if you think this should be on yocto – mailing list do tell. The
> sdcard – image creation is in meta-fsl-arm – layer so that’s why I
> thought this mailing list would be better suited for it.

I really want to kill the sdcard class soon; the WIC is the way to go for now 

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