I'm working with the [tip]master branches of meta-freescale & meta-browser:
  meta-freescale    = "master:196bee744726d4bbeb52883bf06145e96e0843ce"
  meta-browser      = "master:898af3679e5db0ca1747ee9ce4e1c6c2424fbc75"

Still with the latest master I get
ERROR: No recipes available for:


meta-browser only has chromium-wayland_53.0.2785.143.bb

I work around this (I'm interested in X11, not wayland) by ignoring the error 

That said, it looks like this should be addressed.

n.b. please don't ask me for a patch as I don't use wayland and
am really not qualified to propose any such changes.

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MLB Associates              |    Embedded world
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