I built an image for a imx6-dual custom board using yocto krogoth with
meta-fsl-arm. I used u-boot-fslc_2016.07 and linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.

I successfully burnt u-boot and the kernel to nand with mfgtool. But when I
tried to boot it; u-boot got an error in accessing the kernel partition.

NAND read: device 0 offset 0x500000, size 0x1e00000
NAND read from offset 500000 failed -74
 0 bytes read: ERROR

If I write the kernel from u-boot then I can boot the kernel correctly.

I also tried to erase and write the kernel from the kernel with flash_ereae
and nand_write. Then I couldn't reboot and got the same error.

I suspect an incompatibility in the ECC encoding protocol used by kernel
and u-boot.

The NAND chip used is MT29F8G08ABABAWP.

Do anyone have a solution or a clue about this ?

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