> This is a really nice tool but I find that the layout of the FSL
> Community BSP doesn't work properly with it because of where
> meta-oenemebedded gets placed. For this to work layers need to be
> placed in BBLAYERS_FETCH_DIR which is set to COREBASE (sources/poky)
> otherwise meta-openembedded gets duplicated.

The layerindex-fetch tool makes assumptions that turn out to not be
true if you start off (as you did) by using the fsl community repo.
Two assumptions have, simply, collided :-)

You can override the definition of BBLAYERS_FETCH_DIR in your
conf/local.conf (using an '='). If you set it to the full base
location of where the fsl community repo has put your layers,
layerindex-fetch should then work as expected?
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