Well, I see a potential issue with this.  What if I have layers that have 
circular (parse order) dependency like below.

L-A - Wants to detect presense of L-B
L-B - Wants to detect presense of L-C
L-C - Wants to detect presense of L-A

Is there any guideline about in which order bblayers files are expected to 
appear/parsed, so that L-C is not written to have cirtular (parse order) 

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I have learned that:

if I have dynamic-layers line in my layer X and expansion need to take care of 
layer A, B, C, then, A, B, C needs to be apper before X within BBLAYERS list.

In meta-freescale case, I had to add meta-qt layer before meta-freescale within 

Great :-)

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