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> 2017-07-06 11:43 GMT-03:00 Otavio Salvador
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>> On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 11:10 AM, Sergio Prado
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>> > Is it possible to build an image with Qt5 and OpenGL support for i.MX5
>> > processors?
>> >
>> > I could only find the recipes for i.MX6 support at
>> > recipes-graphics/imx-gpu-viv/.
>> Technically yes however the i.MX5 GPU support has been removed long
>> time ago. IIRC the last version supporting it was Fido.
> Thanks Otavio. I'll try a fido build and see how it goes. Is there a reason
> why it was removed?

Yes. It is documented on the commit log as follows:

commit d5e730317a4d1aa94bdfbf25654847fe788d70df
Author: Otavio Salvador <ota...@ossystems.com.br>
Date:   Wed Aug 5 08:50:26 2015 -0300

    Drop Freescale official Linux kernel for i.MX23, i.MX28 and i.MX5
SoC families

    The Linux kernel provided by Freescale for i.MX28 and i.MX5 is too
    ( and there are no plans to upgrade it, as the OE-Core is
    going to use GCC 5.2 as default compiler soon and it is not
    to compile this kernel with the new toolchain, thus the removal.

    The metadata related to the i.MX23, i.MX28 and i.MX5 SoC family,
    is dependent of this Linux kernel support, has been removed in
    commit so if someone ever wants to bring it back it is easy to
    out all the necessary changes. The recipes affected are:

     - alsa-state
     - amd-gpu-x11-bin
     - gtk+3
     - imx-lib
     - imx-test
     - imx-vpu
     - libfslcodec
     - linux-imx
     - mesa
     - qt4-embedded-free
     - qt4-x11-free
     - qtbase
     - xf86-video-imxfb

    Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <ota...@ossystems.com.br>
    Acked-by: Daiane Angolini <daiane.angol...@freescale.com>

As mentioned on the commit log, it is easy to bring its support back
as far someone gets a working kernel with current toolchain /or/ adds
support for mainline GPU. I think there were some work on this regard
in past but I am not aware of how good is it. If you find someone
please let us know.

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