Dear all,

I have imx6sxsabresd, yocto 4.1.0-2.1.0 from NXP.

i built image fsl-image-qt5

also qtwayland

weston works fine.

qml-compositor example does not work:

on running weston :

unable to lock lockfile /run/user/root/wayland-0.lock, maybe another
compositor is running.

without weston:

QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display : 0.0




for qtwayland i copied :

to <board>/usr/

could anyone help me please?

1- should i bitbake another image?

2- should i compile compositor and install it on board?

3- do i need specific environment variable?

4- does qtwayland works for this distribution i have?

thanks a lot
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