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> We're working on a imx6q-sabresd derived custom board. Our qt5 application 
> uses
> the eglfs backend.  We're using linux-imx from meta-freescale (rocko) plus
> kernel-module-imx-gpu-viv_5.0.11.p8.6+fslc.bb. The kernel module isn't
> compiling which can be fixed by using 
> 3b9e057f29853fd29364aa666328a92b807007d7.
> It doesn't work though, eglinfo-fb errors out ("Could not obtain EGL display:
> EGL failed to allocate resources for the requested operation."). It appears
> that the work porting to 4.9 is not complete yet and more changes are
> necessary. Does anybody have some pointers how to get eglfs working with 4.9?

The 4.9 kernel is intended to be used with newer Vivante drivers; did
you consider using Etnaviv with 4.14? We have been using it with
customers with great success.

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