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On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 3:00 PM, Matt Campbell <mcampb...@izotope.com> wrote:
> Sorry to dig up an old thread, but since the NXP iMX8 BSP has gone general
> availability recently, is there a road map for forward porting iMX8 support
> to the newest fslc kernels? My company is interested in putting some
> development time against this to help out as this is ultimately where we
> want to go with our iMX8 support.

This does need to be worked on. I am awaiting for NXP to send the
patches for upstreaming and if this happens soon, we can try to get it
onto 2.5 release ...

> Also, Otavio, there is a possibility we could spare one of our two
> development boards to you if that helped get you started on this port
> sooner. I can't guarantee anything, but let me know if that might be
> helpful.

This would help a lot as we don't currently have an iMX8 board to test
against. So let's discuss this privately.

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