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**Question**: How to add the standard library to arm-fslc-linux-gnueabi-gcc

I just had bitbake compile the `meta-toolchain` in the Yocto project.
I then installed the resulting SDK-toolchain

> $
> ./build/tmp/deploy/sdk/

which then installed the SDK-toolchain in /opt/fslc-framebuffer/2.4.2/

I can then easily run the executable to source the correct environment

> $
I now have access to the cross-compiler arm-fslc-linux-gnueabi-gcc
**So far so good...**

I then downloaded the barebone SDK from NXP [here
It's a great piece of work, but it might be somewhat outdated. First unzip
the file, and then follow steps within the SDK readme.pdf.

Following readme.pdf i do the following: To build the SDK, use the
./tools/build_sdk command from the root folder. I get multiple error but
they are all related to the standard library such as:

    iMX6_Platform_SDK/sdk/drivers/accelerometer/src/mma8451.c:31:10: fatal
error: string.h: No such file or directory #include <string.h>
    iMX6_Platform_SDK/sdk/include/sdk.h:40:10: fatal error: stdio.h: No
such file or directory #include <stdio.h>

**So how do I solve this**? Do I cross compile the standard library or do I
get the binary some other place?

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