We have a legacy device with following configurations:

  *   Chipset Architecture : Intel NM10 express
  *   OS : Yocto warrior
  *   CPU : Atom D2250 Dual Core
  *   Volatile Memory : 2GB DDR3
  *   CPU core : 4

After installing yocto sato image on device, we are seeing sluggish behavior 
and we have also recorded a short duration video for same : 

We used meta-intel, (intel2-core-i32 as Machine).

We found that Danny BSP works fine for this CPU. Problem we believe is with 
graphics. There is a different driver in case of Danny BSP of CedarView 
(PowerVR) which is not present in the current generic yocto warrior branch.

Can you please help on this.

Thanks for your support.

Raxesh | Senior Software Engineer | NCR Corporation
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