I have an image based on zc706 that includes python + devmem2 recipes

root@gfex-prototype2:~# devmem2 -h
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0xb6f36000.
Read at address  0x00000000 (0xb6f36000): 0xE59F0000

I can see devmem2 functioning correctly here. When I access the memory
associated with M00_AXI (see attached screenshot):

root@gfex-prototype2:~# devmem2 0x43c00000 w
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0xb6f5e000.

I wonder if this is because of a failure in the AXI transfer? See attached
image. M00_AXI does not have an entry in my device tree either, but I don't
think that's a problem.

Secondly, if I wanted to write a short C++ script that took advantage of
/dev/mem ala http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Linux+User+Mode+Pseudo+Driver --
would I just create a recipe that pulls in from a remote file,
cross-compiles it, and just adds it on my board as a binary executable?

[image: image001.png]
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