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On 16/05/2018 14:38, richard-bai...@sti-limited.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just wondering how the yoctoproject.org meta-xilinx relates to the
> github hosted version.
> Is it a mirror or are there some changes? Is it updated immediately? Are
> there any advantages to using either?

The repo on yoctoproject.org contains development done by the open
source community and is developed as close as possible to the yocto

The github repo is a fork by Xilinx. The branches on that repo start
from a commit from yoctoproject.org and add some features. But in the
practice it will work in a different workflow involving Petalinux, xsct
and other Xilinx proprietary tools. The branches there are not supposed
to be merged into yoctoproject.org, they will keep on diverging.

Thus you should first choose your workflow:

 * The Community workflow: use yoctoproject.org, standard open source
   tools, boot using U-Boot SPL
 * The Xilinx workflow: use the github xilinx fork, follow the Xilinx
   procedures, boot with Xilinx FSBL etc.

A few more details on the two approaches in this talk:

Hope that helps,

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