I've been using a jethro build on a Zynq-7000 system.  When I
create/build a Linux Application hello world project on Xilinx SDK
2016.3 and try executing it, I get "-sh: ./test.elf: No such file or
directory".   I think this is because of a toolchain or rootfs library
mismatch between the Xilinx SDK and the Linux distro.  The Xilinx SDK
is currently using toolchain "Xilinx ARM v7 GNU/Linux Toolchain"

How would I set up the Xilinx SDK to be able to use the proper
toolchain or libraries? I am running Xilinx SDK on a Windows7 machine,
while the jethro Yocto build is running on a Ubuntu Linux machine.  Do
I need to point the Xilinx SDK to something that Yocto produces on the
Linux machine?

Thanks for your help.

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