>  git+Xapian+SQLite 4 parts: ~15 minutes (2 + 2 hyperthread)

That was for 2017, which was 11.6% of the 2000-2017 archives.

For the 2000-2017 set, it took 5h20m; which is disappointing to
me but probably tolerable for now.

2017-only didn't trigger repo rotation at ~1G (being only 750MB
or so)

There was other activity on the machine (including
"git gc --auto" packing) going on but I was still hoping to
be done in roughly 3 hours.

I noticed a lot of I/O wait and Xapian DBs end up taking 53G
(uncompacted) while the git repos only used 6.2G.
xapian-compact brings the combined DB sizes down to 31G.

Looking at the UI bits, there seems to be some weird/wrong
dates in the thread index from older messages.  Will have
to investigate.
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