I'm using inbox.comp.version-control.git for a few days now, and it
worked fine till now. I'm using Gnus from within Emacs to access it via

Just a few minutes ago, however, attempts to enter the
inbox.comp.version-control.git from Gnus started to give "Server closed
connection" error, even though some other groups on public-inbox still
work fine.

The only difference I see is that inbox.comp.version-control.git has
much more messages than most of the other groups on the
public-inbox... wait...

Here are 3 fattest groups, and none of them I can visit from Gnus:

438320: inbox.comp.lang.ruby.core
438320: inbox.comp.lang.ruby.dev
341199: inbox.comp.version-control.git

To check if it's Gnus problem, I've just visited:

1523921: gmane.linux.debian.devel.bugs.general

and it works fine.

Any idea what's wrong between Gnus and public-inbox for large groups? 

-- Sergey

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