Sergey Organov <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using inbox.comp.version-control.git for a few days now, and it
> worked fine till now. I'm using Gnus from within Emacs to access it via
> Just a few minutes ago, however, attempts to enter the
> inbox.comp.version-control.git from Gnus started to give "Server closed
> connection" error, even though some other groups on public-inbox still
> work fine.

Uh oh, did you notice any delay in how long it took for you
to see this message from when Gnus started connecting?

I'm not familiar with Gnus or Emacs at all, but is there a way
you can show me a protocol dump?

> The only difference I see is that inbox.comp.version-control.git has
> much more messages than most of the other groups on the
> public-inbox... wait...
> Here are 3 fattest groups, and none of them I can visit from Gnus:
> 438320: inbox.comp.lang.ruby.core
> 438320:

Eeek, I noticed 438320 was introduced via ruby-talk; so maybe I
have a bug in that causing messages to leak into the other Ruby
lists I follow :x

> 341199: inbox.comp.version-control.git

OK, 341199 looks reasonable.

> To check if it's Gnus problem, I've just visited:
> 1523921: gmane.linux.debian.devel.bugs.general
> and it works fine.
> Any idea what's wrong between Gnus and public-inbox for large groups? 

Not sure, I haven't made any changes to the code running on
"" in a few weeks, now.  I suspect there's a
fairness problem in the NNTP server in how it handles XOVER
and that might cause timeouts in clients.

Fwiw, I might not be online much the next few days.

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