Sergey Organov <> wrote:
> Eric Wong <> writes:
> > I'm not familiar with Gnus or Emacs at all, but is there a way
> > you can show me a protocol dump?
> Please see attachment.

(any reason this wasn't sent to the public list? others may be
 able to help if my 2nd attempt to fix did not work)

Anyways, I noticed you're pipelining a lot of XOVER commands and
helps (deployed to

Otherwise, I also looked at the emacs source ( ./lisp/gnus/nntp.el )
and found:

  (defvoo nntp-maximum-request 400
    "*The maximum number of the requests sent to the NNTP server at one time.
  If Emacs hangs up while retrieving headers, set the variable to a
  lower value.")

Maybe you can set nntp-maximum-request to a smaller number
(maybe 5) and see if it helps.

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