On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 10:09:15AM +0000, Eric Wong wrote:
I prefer to use public-inbox-watch for mirroring existing lists.

-mda is also a bit strict and opinionated (though I have plans to
make it less so, optionally), so it's mainly for non-mirrored

-watch is also safer and less likely to lose/bounce mail since
it hits a Maildir, first.  -watch will scan for List-Id (or any
other header, such as X-Mailing-List) and put it into the
correct inbox.  If space is a problem, a cronjob to remove
old files will help, but maybe it can unlink-on-import-commit
in the future.

I opted in favour of -mda over -watch because Maildir performance
usually degrades linearly with the number of messages. A month of LKML
mail is anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000 messages, and maildirs tend to
handle that poorly due to peformance overhead of listing tens of
thousands of files in a single folder.

Obviously, I can set up an archival job, but then I'd have to worry
about messages that weren't actually imported into the archive (because
they didn't pass spam tests, but are actually ham, for example). The
-mda script gives me this for free, with such messages being put into
the emergency folder for later review.

I haven't thought much about mirroring with -mda, but I suppose
having a per-list subscriber address and extra
publicinbox.<name>.address entry works, too.

It works, but cloning details at the bottom of the page expose both

public-inbox-init -V2 lkml lkml/ https://[not-live-yet].kernel.org/lkml \


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