Sounds like you might be opening the stack to patch the environment? You
need to open the patch stack from within the environment, as if he licenced
home stack is not the first thing to open the script limits are set to the
Starter kit.

This may not be the problem, but if it is have a look at the previous thread
"Avoiding home..."

> From: "Andy Bailey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 07:59:04 +0000
> Subject: Problem with writing a patch stack
> I am trying to write a patch to an existing application. The existing
> application
> required extensive customization by the end user (several hours). Now I want
> to
> update a few of the longer scripts using a patch, so that the users don't need
> to go
> through the excruciating setup again. I have written a stack which opens up
> the
> stack to be edited, and tries to set the script of one of the bg btns with the
> line:
> set the script of bg btn "send taf" of cd "taftemplate" of stack "bigearl" to
> the
> send of stack "Bigearl_patch_9.7.2000"
> When I open and run this script from stack opened
> from
> within metacard it works flawlessly.
> When I run the script from the command line (HPUNIX  10.20) I get the
> following
> errors:
> Object: license limit exceeded
> Chunk: can't set property
> Object: can't set object property
> set: can't set property
> My home stack is licensed, so I don't see the problem. Also, does this mean
> that
> others who just have, mc, and can't use the patch
> because of
> the script limit? If this is indeed the case, how does one circumvent this in
> order
> to produce patches? Certainly I'm not the only one who needs the ability to
> upgrade
> through a patch.?.
> Any help appreciated.
> Andy Bailey
> National Weather Service Rapid City, SD
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Please send bug reports to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, not this list.

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