- I made a DragThing equivalent on the PC to launch my programs... BUT!
depending on the programs, they run or they dont... 

This is mostly on Windows NT. I've set the commandshell to cmd.exe

For example the basic DHCPMgr.exe, UsrMgr.exe, EventVwr.exe are no problem
with Open Process command.
All these tests are made running inside a MetaFrame window but we never have
problems in production with that so I dont assume it's related. Let me know
if you need the versions.
Another Program called ADSM wont even run telling me that there is a missing
language. I made sure that I copied the path just like in the shortcuts i
made in my desktop but it doesn't work consistently at all. 
Most other commands launched with the shell command for the NTResKit work
But the worst is the CMD.exe which just never works even with get
shell("cmd") or it's full path or the NT %systemroot%... neither... I tried
open process too to no avail. Is there something Im missing?
  --   open process "cmd.exe"
  --   open process "c:/winnt/system32/cmd.exe"
  -- get shell("cmd")
  -- open process "%SystemRoot%/system32/cmd.exe"
  --  get SHELL("%SystemRoot%/system32/cmd.exe")

with Open Process "Eventvwr.exe", I have to quit the first program so that
the second launches (i clicked twice to open a second eventvwr.)
With get shell("... usrmgr") the second click never finishes and the button
waits for the script to be canceled even though the UsrMgr is opened. Same
thing also as with EventVwr to run a second session of the program.

lastly if I click on these launcher buttons to launch a program that's
already open, it wont bring forward the program... any ideas on how to do

On windows 98, the problem is nearly worse. I try to launch Quake 3 with a
Quake 3 configuration manager but never managed either with open process or
through the shell...

So the questions that I have and that are not explained in the manual are:
- Do you absolutely need the program's path into the path environment
- Is there a )(*@$)(%* standard way to consistently launch windows programs
(like Apple Scripts?)
- Anyone have a fool proof command to do this?

Thanks in advance
Xavier frustrated

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