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> I've developed a CBT that uses a number of QuickTime movies that
> contain a Flash track for animation and a sound track for voice-over.
> I'm now being asked to add a text track for captions for those users
> who don't have sound or don't want to use sound (in a shared office
> for example).  QuickTime supports the addition of a text track, so I
> could have a single movie file containing all three tracks (video -
> Flash, sound - voice-over, text - captions).  Is there any way I can
> enable/disable QuickTime tracks in a movie under control of my
> MetaCard stack?  QuickTime Player supports this, so it's clearly a
> feature within QuickTime movies, it's just than I can't see how to
> get at this control from within MetaCard.

Check out the beta of 2.3.2, currently on the MetaCard ftp site

The read me lists loads of new QT properties, including the ability to
control QTVR, and yes, to turn on and off specific tracks in a movie.



> Cheers
> Peter

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