# > When I open stacks made on NT (std) in a metaframe session, 
# the colors of
# > the toolbars seems to be all faded. For example the 
# scrollbar button looses
# > it's edges shadows, etc... Result is it's all grayed even 
# though it works.

# Hm - what bit depth are you running?  If its 256 mode perhaps 
# you're running out of colors. 

im running in 256 colors... But if you draw a new field, and it looks
correct. Could it be that metacard creates differnet colors for the field's
borders and shades depending on the palette available?

#If not, it sounds like colors have been  incorrectly set
# somewhere in your stack(s).  Try copying the home stack colors to your
# mainStack and setting subStacks to empty colors to see if 
# this fixes it.
# set the colors of stack "myMainStackNameHere" to the colors 
# of stack "Home"

i tried. The stack does change colors but the fields remain with washed away
colors. I tried to do manual changes but it didn't solve anything. So
obviously I tried to copy the colors of a corrected field to one that
wasn't. Didn't work either. Sounds like a bug to me...


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