On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, LiangTyan Fui wrote:

> > How large were the files, and on what platform?  You should be able to
> > read just about anything on a Win32 or UNIX systems, but reading files
> > larger than a few MB on a Mac is probably not a good idea unless you
> > have a large amount of RAM.
> Is this applicable to all MetaCard disk I/O commands on Mac, or just
> effecting:
>   put url "binfile:thefile.txt"
> where it really reads the entire file into RAM?

That, and "read ... until eof" both read the whole file into RAM,
which means you need to have enough.

> > This is functionally equivalent to "read until eof", it just saves a
> > couple of lines of script for opening and closing the file.  Same
> I must say "put url" has been my favourite command dealing with files.
> However, I am planning to use the more traditional "open" and "seek" command
> to deal with large files. My only problem is how find out the current
> reading/writing position of the file.

Yeah, currently you have to keep track of all your reads and seeks
because there is no "tell()" function that returns the current file

> Thanks.
> LiangTyan Fui

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