Thanks for the suggestions. 

Actually, im modifying already the contextual menu to handle more commands
(like edit a group) and the command/control hotkeys to work more like in HC.
The error window is 3 times taller and allows copy paste (save to log will
come too). 

But no one answered my question as to which stack is really the top of the
hierarchy. I read that it's home but see that MCTools seems to take

here's my autosave handler

it's called from closestack, closebackground, closegroup, and closecard

on AutoSaveStack
  global autosave,autoSaveExceptions
  if autosave="" then put the hilite of btn "Auto Save Stacks" of stack
"home" into autosave
  put "execution error,script error,properties,font chooser,color chooser"
into autoSaveExceptions
  put short name of this stack into s
  if x is in autosaveexceptions then exit AutoSaveStack
  if autosave not true then exit AutoSaveStack
  put msg into x
  put "saving stack" && s
  save this stack
  put x into msg
end AutoSaveStack

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# Sent: 20 September 2000 05:42
# Subject: Re: Problem with scrollbar redraws
# > Lastly, I decided to put all the handlers into the stack of MCtools
# The trouble with this approach is that it adds work
# everytime you upgrade to a new version of MetaCard,
# since they comme with a new version of MCTools also.
# That's why I tend to leave MCHome and MCTools alone as much as I can.
# Serge Grenier
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