I guess this question doesn't just relate to "games" development, but the
more general issue of using Metacard as a platform for serious (C/C++)

The question is: what works, and what doesn't work when considering
prototyping a project in Metacard - and then finishing it off by coughing up
for the embedded versions for the platforms you are interested in (ie and
adding your own C libraries for features not supported directly by

The concrete example I am giving is that of developing a SIM type game for
Microsoft's Xbox. What are the issues for developing a game that might want
to be integrated directly into the relevant graphic API's? Would a games
developer who liked the prototype say that they would have to code the whole
thing again from scratch?

Or would they say "cool, we can add on our ultra fast graphic environment,
and... and plug in to the Embedded Metacard libraries and your game logic.
No problem development time slashed" - forgive the over enthusiastic "role

A related question is how much effort would it be to use embedded Metacard
for developing for Window CE and hence Dreamcast (I know this has come up
before). Can you devise a strategy which says: only use such and such
features and you'll be able to use a cut down set of the Embedded Metacard
libraries to port the game logic to....

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