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> on 9/20/00 3:38 AM, Kevin Miller at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > On 19/9/00 3:15 am, Sound Medicine, Inc. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> >> I am very unsophisticated as a programer. I can't for the life of me get the
> >> post comand to work submitting a form. Is there any simple way to have
> >> metacard fill in the fields of a form on a browser like Internet Explorer and
> >> somehow hit the submit button? And, while I'm asking, is there an easy way to
> >> get the source code of the resultant web page sent back to the browser read
> >> into metacard?  Thanks to all you folks who have helped me in the past.
> >> Peter Bower, M.D.
> >
> > As far as I know, you can't do this.  Actually communicating with an open
> > browser to fill in fields on a page and then press a button is not something
> > I've ever though about doing.  As a long shot, it might just about be
> > possible on Windows with DDE and the Externals Collection, but I don't think
> > this is very likely and wouldn't have any idea where to start.
> >
> > What you *can* do is post to a URL from inside MetaCard, and then get back
> > the resulting page.  Use the post command to do this, and search through the
> > list archives for examples of this command in action.
> Agreed that it would be better to simply post from MetaCard and get the
> results (you could even, with some effort, save the results to a file and
> then tell a browser to open the file--but that would be difficult to
> implement cleanly, what with relative paths, etc.).
> But it looks like you can do what you're asking to do, at least on a Mac. I
> haven't tried this, but from the Apple Event dictionary of Communicator:
> register URL echo : Registers the łecho˛ application. Each download from now
> on will be echoed to this application.
>     register URL echo [ «class sign»] -- Application signature
> Internet Explorer doesn't have this event, but does have:
> GetSource : Get the HTML source of a browser window
>     GetSource [ integer] -- Window Identifier of window from which to get
> the source. No value means get the source from the frontmost window.
>     Result : string --
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To avoid problems, the best (usable with both an Hypercard(+ the PopToFront
XCMD) stack (renamed as home) or a Metacard standalone app) is to speak to
WebStar or Quid-Pro-Quo in using applevents. I would never try to avoid the use
of a solid httpd for this kind of job.

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