Hi List

I've been reading the list heaps and finding out almost all that I need to 
know at this stage but I have one big problem.

I am developing a stack that needs to redraw an ellipse and a circular arc 
that intersects with the ellipse at two points. I thought that the oval 
graphic was the best tool for the job but how do I find the intersection 
points. The rect of the arc is set and the user sets the rect of the 
ellipse. I really only need to know the x coordinates so I can calculate the 
arcAngle and the startAngle of the arc.

My understanding is that an oval has no real mathematical definition so is 
the oval tool actually an ellipse? If so can I obtain the submajor and 
subminor axes of that ellipse?

My other big question was why when we build a standalone there is no 
facility to set icons for that standalone other than 0(standalone builder 
custom prop mcappicon). I am planning to modify the standalone builder so 
that i can set an icon for a custom file type as icon 1(standalone builder 
custom prop mcdocicon). Is this modification a breach of license or 
anything? It would be really good If in future versions of MetaCard the 
engine had a couple more dummy icons in icon 2 & 3 so we could play with 
these too.

Monte Goulding
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