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> Anyone know whether it is faster to get text information from a field, a
> custom property or returning the result directly from a function sush as:
> function returnValue
> return "Hello"
> end returnValue
> I assume the text-in-field is the fastest, but I often have to decide
> between storing values in functions or as custom properties. Though I love
> custom properties they can be less readable in the present environment as
> you have to look at the script and the custom properties dialog to figure
> out what is going on.

If lockMessages is true, then I believe a custom property will be fastest.
If lockMessages is false, it depends on whether you have a getProp handler
for the custom property, what is in that handler vs. where the chunk in the
field is.  There is an appreciable overhead in calling a function.  Using a
constant or variable is the fastest possible method, though its hard to
measure a difference between using them and using a custom prop with lock



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