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>> Hm - if you know the location for the settings for Outlook, then you should
>> just use those.  90% of people will be using Outlook as it is preinstalled,
>> so reading in those settings and then bringing up a screen for the user to
>> check the settings are correct the first time the program installs should do
>> the trick.  Those that aren't using Outlook can enter them then.
> The 90% figure is probably for Outlook Express. Outlook is a
> different program. I wonder who at MS thought up the naming.
> But actually, your point illustrates the problem of relying on such
> settings. For example, on my NT setup, Outlook Express is installed,
> but I've never used it or configured it. Other people may have
> configured it once, and then changed to a different e-mail program.
> If they subsequently change their e-mail service provider, the
> Outlook Express settings will be pointing to an old and probably
> unuseable server.
> I guess it's first necessary to check the current default e-mail
> client (there is a setting for this in the registry, I think), and
> then check the smtp setttings for that client. But of course, you'd
> need to know the registry entries for a range of popular e-mail
> programs, and there is no guarantee that these would stay the same
> through version upgrades.
> Asking the user to enter the smtp address is probably the safest solution.

I did actually mean Outlook Express: I know there are two programs though
had forgotton about the Outlook variety.  You will have to ask the user, but
still think it would be possible to compile a list of likely places from the
Registry and fill in the dialog with those so that many / most users don't
actually have to do more than confirm that the settings are correct.



> Cheers
> Dave Cragg

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