On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Geoff Canyon wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone here has experience writing pagination routines in
> MetaCard. I'm considering writing a routine that would take a 50-100k block
> of text, a font, a font size, a field size, and figure out where the page
> breaks should occur from beginning to end.
> The actual goal is to be able to go to an arbitrary chunk of the text, and
> know what page number to put under it.
> My first instinct is to use the height of the field and the formattedHeight
> function on chunks of text, finding page-sized chunks and counting them
> until I get to the chunk I want to display. but this is fairly slow across
> perhaps hundreds of pages. By slow I mean more than a second on a fast
> computer.
> But my second instinct is to figure out how many lines will fit onto one
> page, figure out how tall those lines are individually, and then just search
> for the largest n such that n*(the number of lines that will fit on a page)
> is still less than the chunk I want to display, and then use n+1 for a page
> number. I'm sure that's not clear, but if someone's done it, I'm betting it
> will be clear to them. This might be much faster, but will it work?
> Thanks to anyone who has a suggestion,

Just one: Use the pageHeights property of the field, which does all of
this work automatically for you ;-)

> Geoff

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