>the MetaCard "carbonization"
>process is already done, and so it shouldn't be too long a wait before
>we'll be able to start public testing of the new engine.

...and Scott gets a huge standing ovation from the crowd!

>But you should keep in mind that the final release of Mac OS X is
>many, many months away and while it might make a good development
>platform before then, there probably won't be a large enough installed
>base to bother with making distributions for that platform until
>sometime next year.

It'll make a superb development platform, but there's one more 
thing... being able to make a Carbonized standalone with MetaCard is 
HUGE right now.  There's such a lack of applications available for OS 
X, any app that's carbonized will get a large following from people 
who have "upgraded" to the beta (at least, that's in a hypothetical, 
optimistic world!  :)

I've been waiting to purchase the OS X beta until I can run my good 
ol' MetaCard in it... releasing the carbonized engine would get me 
going releasing all sorts of programs, and give everyone in the 
MetaCard community a big boost in the credentials department.  Thanks 
for getting this done, and here's to getting this public testing 
started ASAP!  (tomorrow I place the order for OS X!)

>   Regards,
>     Scott
>  > Brian
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