>Hi all
>I've just downloaded the MetaCard starter kit, and had a bit of a look at
>the demo, and quite frankly it impressed the hell out of me.  What I'd like
>now is a few ideas on how I might put this thing to good use.  If anyone has
>any great ideas or tips on how make the most of MetaCard, please respond (on
>or off list as you prefer).

The simple answer is that you can write almost any kind of application and/or 
utilities with it for at least 3 platforms.  Some experience with Hypercard or 
Supercard is definitely helpful otherwise just take it step by step and ask all the 
stupid questions like most users do at some point or another ;-). Also there is an 
archive with previous posts at http://www.mail-archive.com/metacard which is most 
The ideas should come from you but if you need help implementing them ask the list.

Regards, Andu 

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