but -:)

I'd use them a lot more if I could call functions without having to include
the parameter:

I have for instance a function "extractXmlData":

function extractXmlData xmlTagName, someXml

  return taggedText
end extractXmlData

Now mostly I just want the data so I use:

 put extractXmlData("kevins_CreditCardNumber", hisBankAccount) into myWallet

Or something similar.

But occasionally I want to then remove the evidence (or otherwise manipulate
the source text). By simply tagging call by reference parameters to the end
of the function I can easily get hold of these:

function extractXmlData xmlTagName, someXml, @startTag, @endTag

  return taggedText
end extractXmlData

So now I can:

 put extractXmlData("kevins_CreditCardNumber", hisBankAccount, startTag,
endTag) into myWallet

 delete char startTag to endTag of hisBankAccount

This is all cool, especially for complex parsing scripts that actually
calculate a lot of useful information that is not returned in the result.

The problem is twofold:

    1)  You cannot ommit the call-by-reference parameters in the function
call. Therefore:

  get extractXmlData("kevins_CreditCardNumber", hisBankAccount)

Won't work (you get a script execution error - you must:

  get extractXmlData("kevins_CreditCardNumber", hisBankAccount, dummy1, yuk)

Even if you don't want the stuff. This prevents me from using them in
frequently used handlers.

    2) If I am right you can't "do" them, and as a consequence I think you
can't debug them???

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