Just a brief follow-up, over the weekend I got two different sizes of my application 
to work pretty well. I'll go for a third tomorrow/today (it's pretty late). A few 
things I noticed are:

MetaCard ROCKS! This feature was fairly easy to implement, and had only a few gotcha's 
along the way.

If you expect a group to resize along with the objects it contains, don't lock its 
location. It worked the first couple times, then stopped resizing. I don't know what 
caused it to stop working, but unlocking the location fixed it.

If you are using a group in the stack as the menu, expect problems when you resize the 
stack. The method that seemed to work for me was, I think: set the rect of the stack; 
this causes the menubar group to show. Then set the edit menus property of the stack 
to true, which seems to cause nothing to happen. Then set the edit menus property to 
false, which causes the group to disappear and the stack to resize. Don't mess with 
the rect of the stack while editing a group.

You can place text with the group property into a field using the HTML text property: 
set the htmltext of fld "whatever" to someTextWithGroups. Works great, thanks Scott!

Finally, I'm sending this from the mail application in Mac OS X. Who wants to touch 
me? :-) I haven't run MetaCard yet, because I don't have a Classic environment in 
which to do so. The iMac I'm running on had a nervous breakdown a week ago, and 
refuse(d) to realize that it could boot from its perfectly fine hard drive. 
Reformatting in the process of installing OS X fixed the no-boot thing, but leaves no 
Classic behind. By the way, 96MB of RAM, and so far so good...


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