On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Monte Goulding wrote:

> Hi
> since I've been playing with the xworlds external collection I've noticed 
> the number of dll's installed on by computer. Is there any way to find out 
> what these do and what parameters they take? The way I figure it if someones 
> going to go to the trouble of filling up my computer with dll's then i might 
> as well make the most of it.

You can't use any of them with MetaCard.  They all take typed
arguments, which would mean you'd have to learn and keep track of your
ints and shorts and floats and pointers and such (if you've ever seen
the mess that's become of the ToolBook scripting language because of
their strong dependence on this, you'd surely puke).  Furthermore,
most of them are highly dependent on the application they were
designed for and so the odds are that no more than a handful of them
would be of any use at all anyway.

> By the way I think the environment variables need to be better documented in 
> the index (there is no listing of $0 or $1).

These are not really environment variables, but instead the parameters
passed to the executable when it starts up.  Which in 99% of the cases
on Windows are either empty or just contain the name of a stack to
open.  The only way to really use them is by starting up an executable
from the MSDOS prompt, and who does that?

> I didn't realise that when you added an external to a stack it didn't 
> actually import it until I was trying to open a standalone (that was meant 
> to use EXT.exe) in front of a potential client. Probably more my fault than 
> anyone else's but a bit more documentation would save a lot of support time.

I'm not sure I follow this.  Maybe something to do with the
differences between the way these things are done on the Windows and
UNIX (externals are separate files) from the way they're done on the
Mac (resources attached to a file).

> Regards
> Monte
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