On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, David Bovill wrote:

> Maybe you all know this, but on the Mac I've got into the habit of using ""
> rather than the less than pleasing "<>" third estate alternative.
> Not sure if this is a font/or script editor incompatibility, but my PC balks
> at the beautiful sight of these characters - replacing the with an anonymous
> square (which quite rightly the engine rejects -:).

It's just that the ISO character set doesn't include characters for
not-equal, less-than-or-equal, or greater-than-or-equal.  So they're
translated to non-printing characters when you move a stack from a Mac
to a Win32 or UNIX system.  At least when you move them back to the
Mac, the characters will still be there.

> Unequal cross-platform development? 8 months of Metacard development and
> this is all I have to complain about?  C'mon Scott this contented customer
> thing is getting a little tiresome. Can't you throw in a few bugs - just for
> fun???

We've debated about adding support for these non-printing operators
(they don't show up at all on UNIX systems), but so far have decided
not to because they'd be pretty hard to edit around with the script
editor.  At least now they throw an execution error (or sometimes even
a script error).

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