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> ------------ METACARD IDE POLL -----------
> Development (up to, but not including standalone/web/mobile deployment)
> ===========
> 1) What percent of the time do you use the MC IDE for LiveCode development,
> and what percent do you use the LiveCode IDE?

99% MC.

> 2) If you use the LiveCode IDE at all, what do you use it for, and why?

I use LC for dictionary and  standalone building. 

> Deployment
> ==========
> I'm aware that the current standalone builder in the MC IDE doesn't work
> with the latest engines. With that in mind:
> 1) Do you build standalones with the MC IDE at all (either because you're
> using an older version of MC or because you made your own standalone
> builder)?

Not using MC for standalone building.  For testing I'm using stack runner 
When it comes to commercial distribution I build standalone's in LC

> 2) Do you build standalones with the LiveCode IDE? If so, is it because you
> can't with the MC IDE or because you prefer the LiveCode IDE? If you prefer
> it, then why do you prefer it?

I build standalones  in LC because that's the only option but generally I'm 
fine with LC standalone builder.
I think that just duplicating LC standalone builder functionality in MC will be 
waste of time. If MC standalone builder will have some better or unique 
features, that's another matter but at the moment I can't think about any 
features that LC SB lucks.

> 3) What percent of your projects are to be deployed to the web plugin?

I'll consider web plugin use when and if it will became more reliable.

> 4) What percent of your projects are to be deployed to a mobile device?

Began learning iOS 2 days ago.

I have reservations about feasibility of learning android 


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