On 3/29/11 8:40 AM, Wilhelm Sanke wrote:
1) Do you build standalones with the MC IDE at all (either because you're
using an older version of MC or because you made your own standalone

If the necessity arises of course I have to use an appropriate version
of the MC IDE.
I would very much like a new MC IDE standalone builder with the
simplicity of the earlier MC IDE versions.

There must be a way to achieve this, Klaus Major had been working on it,
but the difficulties he encountered apparently were too great and his
time budget he could allot to the task were insufficient.

When Revolution had been launched as a separate product; Kevin Miller
had promised that MC compatibility would be fully preserved. I see this
new structure of the Livecode standalone builder as a definite step away
from this promise. Kevin himself should have supplied us with the means
to program a new MC IDE standalone builder.

I hope there can be a cooperative enterprise of MC IDE users to
eventually produce a MC standalone builder.

I suppose, Richard Gaskin has found solutions to all this? Would it be
possible that he could share his version of a standalone builder - or
offer it as a starting point for a new MC version?

In keeping with RunRev's commitment to the MC IDE, Oliver Kenyon provided the necessary info to allow us to use the new engine-based standalone building process in v4.0 and later.

As I noted earlier, I've been using this info to make a new standalone builder, which I'll donate to the MC IDE project.

I should note that mine only builds desktop standalones, and does not support RevWeb or mobile at this time. I'll probably get around to adding mobile support, but RevWeb is of no interest to me so if anyone wants that they'll have to add it to the donated stack once it's available.

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