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Thank you, Richard. The LC builder does a fine job so far as I can see, but
if an MC solution is available it could be a lot more convenient.

Hugh Senior

Thanks for the kind words, Hugh. I should note that with my current schedule I probably won't be able to get back to the Standalone Builder until after the conference, but here are some highlights which will hopefully make it worth waiting for:

- One-click builds
  LC has one-click builds largely because I kept pushing for it
  when they first put the new design together. :)  I can't live
  without it, and it's so useful it wasn't a hard sell.  I used
  to use a front-end to the older MC SB which stored the build
  settings in the stack file, and have been enjoying one-click
  builds for nearly a decade.  The new SB does the same, so you
  can enter info once and never bother with it again.

- Does more: Easier to use than LiveCode's
  There's a "General" tab up front which sets appropriate
  values for Mac, Win, and Linux.  You can fine-tune any in
  the platform tabs if you like, but most of the time I
  think you'll be happy to just enter info like the app
  name and version once and have it automatically populate
  all of the platform tabs automatically.

- Does less: no fluff
  Unlike LC, MC doesn't encourage people to build their
  projects using a different structure than they deploy
  with, moving files in or out of the mainstack during
  build.  This new SB maintains that tradition.  Also,
  whether you want it or not LC will always add a new
  group with objects on the first card of your mainstack.
  Needless to say, this SB doesn't alter your stack's

- Compatible with LiveCode
  The data it stores uses the same format and property names
  as LiveCode's standalone builder, so if you work with
  clients who use LC you can work more efficiently in MC
  and they'll still be able to use one-click builds in
  LC without modification.

- "Choose your weapon":  build with any installed engine
  By default it will use the runtime engines that match
  the version of the IDE you're running in, but sometimes
  you may need to use a specific version other than that,
  and the new SB lets you optionally choose which
  runtime engines to use (must be v4.0 or later though).

- Extra bonus points:  auto-incremented build number.
  In addition to the version number, this SB also includes
  a field for build number, and it has an option you can
  turn on so it will automatically increment the build
  number each time you make a standalone.

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Media Corporation
 ambassa...@fourthworld.com       http://www.FourthWorld.com

Richard wrote:

In keeping with RunRev's commitment to the MC IDE, Oliver Kenyon
provided the necessary info to allow us to use the new engine-based
standalone building process in v4.0 and later.

As I noted earlier, I've been using this info to make a new standalone
builder, which I'll donate to the MC IDE project.

I should note that mine only builds desktop standalones, and does not
support RevWeb or mobile at this time.  I'll probably get around to
adding mobile support, but RevWeb is of no interest to me so if anyone
wants that they'll have to add it to the donated stack once it's
available.Richard wrote:

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