Hi Wilhelm,

> On 3/30/11 12:52 PM, Wilhelm Sanke wrote:
>> Apparently the - somehow privileged - information received from RunRev
>> was not comprehensive enough to let Richard and Klaus create a new
>> standalone builder at once. Richard needed several contacts with more
>> than one person and additionally trial and error processes as he writes.
>> And we had to wait one and a half year until finally we now got the
>> prospect to see this new standalone builder soon.
> Blame me for that, not RunRev.  

Don't blame it on Richard, blame it on yourself! 8-)

And/or me, if you really need to blame someone, although I plea: not guilty!

> They provided this info long ago, but during all this time the number of 
> requests for an updated MC SB here - or just about any other enhancement - 
> has been close to zero.

This is the point, it seemed to have had zero priority for anyone on this list!

> ...



Klaus Major

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