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> and that we needed one and a half year to build a new MC standalone builder.

I don't think that I am talking/writing chinese, do I, Wilhelm?

For the last time:
1. It was not too difficult to create the standalone builder.
2. RunRev supplied all neccesary info to do this.
3. It were MY PERSONAL PROBLEMS that hindered me to do so in that time!
4. We have been talking about this several times in the last weeks here on the
and I pointed this 3) out also several times very clearly!


Sorry Klaus,

You were definitely not talking Chinese to me, but the receiver of a message must still actively construe the meaning for himself, which then may come out even wrong or deviate from the intended original meaning.

Among other things, my interpretation was influenced also by the longer discussion between Sept 3 and Oct 7 2009 in threads "Metacard 4" and "Standalone Building" on this list. Looking over this discussion again later led me apparently to overestimate the difficulties posed by the new way of standalone building. My impression was indeed that the new standalone building design, although a minor factor compared to you special situation, nevertheless caused at least some substantial difficulties for adapting the MC standalone builder.

So, sorry again, receive my apologies.

By the way, I like Chinese. I wrote a Metacard stack some time ago introducing about 200 basic Kanji characters in different learning modes. The incentive for this was a longer East-Asian working experience in South Korea, where they use - similar to Japan - a limited set of Kanji characters as part of their written language.



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